Availity Reinforces Core Values through Transparent, Consistent Recognition Program

Why you should care

Geographically dispersed workforces and increased flexibility in how, when (and where) employees work, can present challenges for companies looking to maintain high levels of engagement. With nearly 800 employees spanning multiple locations across the country, Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, needed a recognition and rewards solution that would be robust and flexible enough to integrate across its entire Total Rewards package, including its wellness, employee referral, social media and sales incentives programs – and one that would truly impact employee engagement.

What you’ll learn

In this case study, you’ll see how Availity aligned its employee recognition and rewards program with corporate values, maintaining a fun and engaging work environment, and ultimately solidifying a culture of transparency and mutual respect. You’ll learn how Availity saw immediate and sustained adoption of the Achievers platform, with a 97.5% activation rate after six months after implementation – a number that has since grown to 99.5%. And ultimately, you’ll learn how Availity worked with Achievers to develop a company-wide program of transparent, well-communicated, real-time recognition and rewards to help attract and retain high performers.