Eli Lilly Canada Transforms Culture by Aligning Employees on the Achievers Employee Success Platform™

Eli Lilly

Business Challenge

When data from Eli Lilly’s employee engagement survey, “Voice of the Employee,” indicated the need for significant improvement with its old school employee rewards and recognition program used by supervisors and employees, the hunt began for a modern recognition solution that was easy to use for all employees. Lilly’s previous employee recognition solution was rarely used by peers; it was typically only used on a manager-to-subordinate basis and required a formal awards nomination process to award employees for the previous year’s accomplishments.

Eli Lilly sought a more modern employee recognition system that would help garner the long-term trust, loyalty, and commitment of employees; to increase employee engagement, retention, and overall employee morale; and to increase levels of employee performance and productivity. Lilly wanted to shift from an environment that was "artificially" generating rewards and recognition with little transparency to an environment that drove improved business performance.

Employee Success Platform™ Solution

Eli Lilly implemented the Achievers Employee Success Platform, eliminating geographic barriers to employee engagement, aligning them to business objectives and company values, and encouraging peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, and employee-to-manager recognition. The employee recognition system provides an easy-to-use solution for all employees, no matter their level or location, and removes the prohibitive approvals process that formerly kept managers from recognizing all employees for the objectives they met. All employees can recognize peers, managers, and subordinates at their own discretion, empowering each employee, allowing for more timely recognition of progress and achievement, and aligning employees with current goals and objectives.

Business Impact

As a result of the Employee Success Platform, Lilly saw its overall employee engagement go from unremarkable low-to-midrange scores to a dramatic high. One year after launching the employee recognition system, employee engagement survey results showed an 8% increase from the previous year. The affiliate continues to see year-over-year improvements in employee perception of employee recognition and engagement overall and exceeds the external benchmarks on recognition in particular.


Achievers Insight

Employee engagement is a necessary component in recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees to work longer, harder, and smarter—the secret to winning in today’s knowledge economy. Highly engaged workplaces have 2.6 times higher earnings per share compared to companies with low engagement scores, and an average operating margin of 3.75%, versus 2.1% at low-engagement organizations. Highly engaged companies also report higher performance and sales—for every percentage point increase in employee engagement, companies report a 0.6% increase in sales.