Company Profile

Golf Town was founded in 1999 and is the largest golf retailer in the world. With over 50 retail stores in North America, Golf Town has over 5000 employees that are committed to the customers’ needs by providing an exceptional shopping experience. Golf Town’s employer brand promotes regular training and career growth opportunities, and believes its customer loyalty is connected to a successful workforce.


In the past, Golf Town ran multiple sales, customer service and recognition programs, but with no central portal to house it, making it an administrative burden with no tracking ability. These programs included participation from Golf Town’s vendors who would introduce special incentives and bonuses to individual associates with the purpose of driving product sales. This provided issues with tracking earnings, as well as the potential to promote behaviors that went against Golf Town’s vision for customer service.


A fair and equitable employee experience was the first priority when implementing the formal program, which included an opportunity for all employees to participate. The program needed to be centralized, web-based and have advanced tracking and reporting functionality. Golf Town wanted to make it simple for employees to log-in and use, while also being able to track behavior and business results. A centralized portal allowed for all contests and recognition to be standardized among all locations providing one unified employee experience, helping to motivate employees and increase business success.


There is one consistent employee experience across North America with 90% of employees active on the platform. Vendors no longer introduce one-off contests; every contest is implemented through Achievers. The week after Golf Town hosts contests, there can be up to a 200% increase in sales that week. In addition 3 of the 5 top recognizing managers also lead top performing stores. Golf Town is able to track and record results and rewards through one seamless process.