Company Profile

Deloitte is a global professional services firm with a 150-year track record of service excellence. Deloitte has a widespread workforce with over 50,000 employees in North America, and fosters a corporate mission to help their clients and people excel. This mission is Deloitte’s way of life, and it drives their employees to solve complex challenges every day.


In 2009, employees cited inconsistent employee experiences as an issue and leaders did not have a direct line of sight to employees who should be recognized. No consistent criteria existed on which to base recognition, as well as no connection between recognition and the firm’s business strategies. Qualitative and quantitative feedback from the internal employee engagement survey data indicated that employees were feeling under-recognized.


Deloitte team members knew that their key criteria for switching from the company’s proprietary solution to a third-party solution was they had to do better than a free thank you. There had to be a monetary aspect to the reward and recognition piece. The solution also had to easily integrate with Deloitte’s existing infrastructure and provide the visibility needed. It also had to fit with the national talent management strategy – and it had to be successful and be a world-class recognition tool that focused on individual recognition.


Within the first month 97% of employees had signed up. Deloitte averages someone being thanked every 40 seconds.

“The great thing about the tool is it takes away all obstacles … literally, all you have to do is click, enter the person’s name, enter your note and it’s done. And then people can save points and buy something they really want.”