To date, LoJack/Boomerang Tracking devices have aided in the recovery of over 6,900 vehicles and other assets with an approximate value of over $240 million. LoJack/Boomerang wanted a way to drive sales of its devices and gain a competitive advantage in the auto dealer sales market. 94% of dealers said they were more likely to sell an aftermarket product if a dealer incentive was offered.


LoJack/Boomerang partnered with Achievers to consolidate the time consuming and labor intensive ad hoc dealer programs that were managed in house in order to drive sales.


Dealers who participated in the program sold an average an average of 12.3 units per month, whereas dealers without the program sold an average of 4.7 units per month. Active dealers account for 42% of LoJack/Boomerang’s dealer base and contribute to 83% of their sales.