Engaging your global workforce

Aligning employees to business goals through rewards and recognition

Employee engagement can be the competitive advantage that helps a company succeed in the marketplace. It helps small startups compete on a global scale. Engagement can make a brand so powerful that entering new markets is a piece of cake. But engagement just scratches the surface of business impact. Employee Success™ takes the engaged workforce and combines it with performance.

While many companies aspire to master employee engagement, it isn’t easy for global businesses to accomplish. International workforces are faced with additional challenges, such as cultural barriers, departments with conflicting interests, and geographically distant organizational units. Many of these situations result in employees working together remotely but never meeting one another in person. Furthermore, every employee is motivated differently, which calls for an individualized and specific strategy to truly capture the engagement of a global workforce.

Fortunately, there is hope. This white paper covers the fundamentals of global employee engagement and how it catalyzes business success, as well as the following topics:

• How global rewards and recognition help your company save money, consolidate costs, and retain happy, productive, results-driven employees
• Why employees aligned with corporate values achieve greater business results
• The three most important elements to implementing a global rewards and recognition program
• How to capture the trust of your workforce through global rewards and recognition
• Actionable best practices from 3M, which reveal how the company implemented a global recognition strategy to transform its culture to drive engagement

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