From Ad-Hoc to Value-Add: Using Bersin & Associates’ Employee Recognition Framework to Create Strategic Recognition Programs

Speakers: Speaker: Stacia Sherman Garr, Senior Analyst, Bersin & Associates

Bersin & Associates research shows that nearly 90% of organizations have some sort of recognition program in place. Yet, many of these programs are ad-hoc initiatives that are neither connected to one another nor the needs of the business or employees. In an era where every investment must prove itself, recognition programs need to make a larger impact.

Throughout the past year, Bersin & Associates engaged in a detailed analysis of how cutting-edge organizations strategically leverage recognition programs which lead to the new Bersin & Associates Recognition Framework.This tool is designed to help organizations understand how the elements of recognition fit together and the critical decisions to make when designing a recognition strategy and program. During this webcast, Stacia Garr, Senior Analyst at Bersin, will introduce the framework, explain how organizations can use it to design a strategic recognition program and share examples of how organizations have executed different parts of the framework.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the different elements that comprise employee recognition, including the recognition strategy, program design and continuous management;
  • Know the critical decisions necessary to developing a recognition strategy; and
  • Understand the top ten design elements for creating a recognition program.

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