How to Create an Employee Value Proposition that Recruits and Engages Today’s Top Talent

Speakers: Sarah White, Principal & CEO of Sarah White & Associates, LLC

Recruiting talent that fits your organizations’ location, culture and budget can be a challenge for even the best of companies.

Join Sarah White, Principal & CEO of Sarah White & Associates, LLC, as she reveals why competitive organizations are developing Employee Value Propositions (EVP) to address recruitment challenges and achieve long term success, learn what a good EVP looks like, how it impacts recruitment and retention, and a few examples of companies that are doing it well.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create and fulfill a proper EVP that fits your organizations’ challenges and goals for long term success
  • Understand how recognition is used to fuel employee engagement and drive performance
  • Grasp the importance of executing your EVP from start to finish, so it’s not just a broken promise
  • Learn how a good EVP positively impacts recruitment and retention in your business

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