Increase Profits & Performance through Full Employee Engagement

Speakers: Kevin Kruse, New York Times, Bestselling Author and Razor Suleman, Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer, Achievers

Employee engagement is at an all-time low, seriously affecting levels of productivity, work quality and profits. Growth, Recognition and Trust are three key components to gaining emotional commitment and loyalty inside and outside of the workplace. And in today’s modern work environment, how we feel at work is directly related to how we feel about our health and personal relationships. It’s time for employers to recognize the correlation between individual and organizational achievements – and understand how they both must come together to succeed.

What you will learn:

  • Why the most engaged companies achieve five times higher shareholder return than those companies with a disengaged workforce.
  • A deeper understanding of correlative effects between your career, health, marriage, children, and personal relationships.
  • Tangible best practices you can implement today in your workplace to foster growth, recognition and trust.

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