Love Em or Lose Em: Getting Great People to Stay

Speakers: Join Bev Kaye, Founder & Co-CEO, Career Systems International, and Razor Suleman, Founder & Chief Evangelist, Achievers.

Never before have organizations of all sizes relied so heavily on their human assets for their competitive advantage. You need your best people to stay, regardless of economic ups and downs. By stay, we mean that your talent has not just “checked in,” but is “tuned in” as well. They are engaged in the business of the business. Winning the loyalty and commitment of talented employees is a critical leadership responsibility and key to adapting and thriving in this ever-changing world of work.

You Will Learn:

  • How engaging your team is a direct reflection of the leader’s contributions to the organizations’ mission and strategic goals
  • Why it is so important to develop essential skills and behaviors necessary to engage, develop, and retain talent
  • How to support professional development, build interpersonal relationships, and create a positive work environment for your team
  • The best ways to continually develop your teams in order to meet the constant changing business needs
  • Immediate, tangible retention techniques you can apply in your workplace today

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