Align employees to core values and business objectives

Our flexible, integrated platform allows peer-to-peer recognition, allowing every member of your team to acknowledge and recognize desired behaviors—as defined by your company’s goals and values.

One platform. One employee experience.

With our Employee Success Platform, you can provide the same culture of employee success to your workforce around the globe.

Build efficient communications

Build, manage, and maintain relevant email campaigns to service a global workforce. Reporting tools measure relative impact of your internal campaigns.

Communicate in real-time and on the go

Carry your team in your pocket with our mobile-friendly platform. Check out real-time activity on the newsfeed, or catch up on the highlights with emails and reports like the Daily Spark and Weekly Digest.

Employees like the fact that they receive instant recognition that thanks them for taking care of the customer. It makes them understand that we really care about their contributions at work.
- Ron Wanat, Supervisor, HealthNow NY