Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Engaging Teams and Accelerating Performance with Group Incentives


Adrien Couture, Product Manager, Achievers
Breanne Woodrow, Manager, Implementation Management, Achievers
Joe Tischbern, Manager of Learning and Engagement, Smart & Final Stores, LLC
Track: Accelerate

Incentives seem straightforward: Establish a simple relationship between outcomes and rewards and – presto! – performance skyrockets. The reality, however, looks sizably more complex. From designing an incentive campaign structure to administering rewards, the end-to-end process is rarely optimized. But at the same time, incentives done right can deliver a powerful performance lift, especially for teams, where surmounting challenges toward a common goal forges team cohesion and business alignment. In this session you’ll learn what’s new, what makes an incentive campaign effective, and discover best practices from current Achievers customers.

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