John Akalaonu

John Akalaonu leads the Customer Delivery team for CDK Global, a global technology company based in Hoffman Estates, IL. His team is responsible for the implementation of CDK’s software, hardware and networking solutions for over 9,000 automotive dealership customers in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. John’s team consists of over 1,000 associates, with over 60% of that team working from home, and most of those associates traveling 75-90%. With such a large home shored workforce, that is constantly on the road, there are many challenges that John and his leadership team have to overcome on a daily basis to effectively engage and connect with their associates.

Prior to joining CDK Global, John held a variety of leadership roles across a multitude of industries. His experience includes leading teams in both manufacturing (automotive, defense) and service (payroll, software, healthcare, telecommunication) business sectors. In addition to his corporate experience, John also is an Adjunct Professor in the Organizational Leadership department at Roosevelt University (Schaumburg, IL) where he has designed and instructed courses in project management, organizational communication, and strategic planning.

Despite his diverse experience in the corporate world, John will proudly tell you that his experience leading Marines as an active duty officer (Captain) in the U.S. Marine Corps continues to serve as the foundation for his approach to successfully leading in the corporate world and that he draws on those lessons learned every day.

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