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Disrupting the norm is a requirement of innovative evolution, and this global employee resource group is doing so by addressing diversity within the tech ecosystem.

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About AWN

Our Journey

Founded in 2014, AWN has continued to grow towards establishing the current iteration, hosting quarterly & on-going initiatives. In 2017, AWN hosted its first set of quarterly events, opening our doors to local partnerships. In addition, AWN launched the internal mentorship program, and had its first annual celebration for International Women’s Day. 2018 brought new initiatives including the AWN Feature Story series and our first mission-aligned fundraiser in support of Canada Learning Code. We continue to expand our community partnerships through our events – most recognizably being our sponsorship of Afro Chic’s 2019 festival, specifically their AI diversity in action session which featured a live conversation with Bina 48, one of the worlds most advanced social robots.

Mission & Vision

The Achievers Women’s Network was created to share information, best practices, education, and experience, that will help one another develop leadership skills and career advancing opportunities needed to drive success.

The Achievers Women’s Network strives to provide a safe space for persons of any group or identity striving for universal equality, inside and outside of the workplace. 


Featured Initiatives

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Feature Stories

As part of the Achievers Women’s Network (AWN) efforts to highlight female leaders in different stages of their career throughout the organization, this series of interviews aims to get to our origin stories, discussing journeys into tech, overcoming challenges & strategies on upskilling.

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Humans of Achievers

AWN’s Human of Achievers initiative seeks to share the stories of Achievers as a whole. This series engages with employees who are disrupting the norm and driving knowledge share that is focused around AWN’s mission & priorities. Inspired by the compelling @humansofny.

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Mentorship Program

The global, companywide Mentorship Program at Achievers is administered by AWN and is aligned to AWN’s mission: to share information, best practices, education, and experience to help one another develop the leadership skills and career advancing opportunities needed to drive Achievers success.

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