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Oct 1-4, 2019

HRTECH – Las Vegas


Wednesday, August 21st, 2019
The Humanity Component: Better Quality of Life = Better Quality of Business

2:00pm–3:00pm EDT

Retaining highly talented, uniquely successful, and undeniably loyal employees boils down to one simple, yet often forgotten rule: You must acknowledge your people.

Leaders who think retention is about glamorous development miss the mark. They must instead, create value through serving their customers and communities. The core of every business is different, but having great people is essential across the board, industry to industry.

When leaders care about their employees’ lives, they foster a culture of caring during work hours, too. The best bet? Focus on retention by finding what will keep your people around. Have conversations and really care about them, seek to understand each employee, and then, leaders can put things in place to get the results they want to achieve.

The Humanity Component is central to seeing things differently because of the care leaders provide. Listening to employees’ struggles and acknowledging that their survival mode is unique gives leaders the opportunity to improve the quality of life for now and in the future.

Increased leadership awareness of individual motivations and goals creates ideal ways for employees to work for themselves and their dreams, doing whatever it takes to make things happen (for the business and its customers, too), which results in unbounded engagement in their lives, on and off the clock.

This webcast will serve up valuable ways to make your business THE place where people want to work – people who will help the business grow — and help clients achieve results.

Thursday, September 12th, 2019
Recognition that Works: Driving Amazing Engagement and Boosting ROI

1:00pm–2:00pm EDT

About the Speaker: Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized analyst, author, speaker and brand strategist.

The biggest question facing most companies today is this: How do we improve our culture to retain our employees? How do we engage and inspire a workforce that’s more multigenerational than ever? The answer is recognition: baked into the culture, aligned with objectives, and speaking to the needs, behaviors and expectations of every generation.

Join Meghan M. Biro for a hands-on, lively discussion of the truly effective ways to harness recognition, engage your workforce, and retain your best employees. Meghan will talk about the best practices any company can follow to shape a culture of recognition — from timing to delivery, from best channels to smart formats. This is a practical look at how to strategize recognition — for everyone in your workforce — and drive amazing employee engagement.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The news and numbers: The must-know insights on engagement
  • Timing is everything: Setting recognition cadences for your workforce
  • Not one-size-fits-all: Meeting the expectations of each generation
  • Getting leadership on board
  • Key steps for leaders and managers
  • Going social: Creating momentum with social recognition
  • Models that work: Learning from companies that are doing recognition right

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019
Becoming an Employer of Choice: Best Practices to Recruit, Retain and Shine

02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Companies are facing unprecedented competition for talent from inside and outside their industries. To stay competitive in the new economy and to become an employer of choice, you must understand the changing talent landscape and adopt new methods for recruiting, retaining, and developing employees.

Join us on September 25th for a free webinar with Amy Hirsh Robinson, MBA, an expert on the changing workforce and the impact of generational shifts on organizations. She will share successful strategies for attracting and engaging next-generation talent and you’ll learn how to develop strong pipelines of committed leaders and employees at your organization.
You’ll also learn:

  • What makes an employer of choice in today’s job market
  • Core reasons companies fail to engage and retain younger talent effectively
  • 5 proven methods for recruiting, retaining, and developing a skilled workforce