Only the Achievers Employee Success Platform can be integrated with everyday workplace applications, keeping employees in the flow of work, increasing productivity and making work life easier.


Getting employee information into the Achievers Platform is easy. We’re HRIS agnostic. Multiple HRIS systems? Not a problem. The Achievers Employee Success Platform can accept files from multiple systems for the same program.

Our customers provide employee information from vendors such as: Workday, Oracle, JDEdwards, SAP, UltiPro, VANA, PeopleSoft, ADP, Lawson,Infor, Ceridian, and successfactors

Recognition is meant to be shared

Live recognition screens

Live recognition screens

Broadcast all recognitions happening in your program to TV so employees can tune in to celebrate success at work.

Yammer integration

Yammer integration

Employees can publish recognitions to Yammer where they can be tagged with Yammer topics or shared to specific groups.

Social networks

Social networks

Share employee recognitions to social networks. Employees can spread the word that your employer brand is synonymous with recognising success.



Get the Newsfeed in RSS 2.0 format for broadcast on intranets (e.g. Sharepoint, Jive) and on digital signage systems that support RSS.

The single life

Use single sign-on (SSO) to enable employees to log in once through your central company authentication point and access multiple independent software systems. Once authenticated on your corporate authentication system, employees will not be prompted to enter their user name and password again.

Single sign-on (SSO)
Achievers Open API

It’s an open invitation

The Achievers Open API gives you the tools to integrate the Employee Success Platform with everyday workplace applications. You can bring recognition to the systems where employees are working and enable employees to maintain focus and productivity.

Explore the possibilities and find everything you need to get started building API connections at

Email Recognition

Whatever the task at hand, email is always open. Email Recognition works like email because it is email. Simply Cc the Employee Success Platform and you’ve recognised great work while in the flow of work.

It's an open invitation

Employee benefit reporting

Close the loop. Bring employee reward redemptions into your payroll system completely hands-free at any frequency required.

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