Employee engagement: Just a tweet, like and plus away!

Social media is at the forefront of communication, whether you like it or not.  A 2011 study from Ipsos Reid found that over 17 million people nationwide are regular users of social media.  So, how does this affect your employee engagement strategy?

Well, it means that a large majority (if not ALL) of your employees are using social media on a regular basis.  And what better way to engage with your employees than on mediums that pique their interest and are utilized daily.  Company-branded social media sites not only build your brand, but they also foster a culture of engagement because they keep your employees connected to your company – even when they’re not at work.  Posting relevant corporate information to branded social media sites enables constant communication with your employees, while providing them with option to share meaningful moments at work with their personal networks.

Achievers believes that in order to maintain our high employee engagement scores, we must stay on top of the newest Social Media tools and platforms. We rely on social media tools to communicate our mission, core values, share industry leading resources and build brand awareness.

Our not-so-secret weapon?  We know anyone who’s anyone is using:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

…so we use it too!

Many companies mistake the amount of followers and fans on their social media platforms as an indicator of success when in fact success is indicated by traffic and ‘active’ members. Long lists of followers who are not engaged or clicking on your pages are simply dead weight.  That’s pretty heavy.  Our strategy at Achievers is to use our social media platforms to spread our CULTure of L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Every day) worldwide.  We post fun, daily pictures and comments that reflect our internal culture to spark engagement outside of the office.

We also use a Social Recognition strategy internally and among our clients.  Our user friendly employee engagement platform allows everyone to share a recognition their coworker sent to them on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages – or it can be sent it as an email.

With our social media rebrand, now we can provide a 360 degree Achievers experience so everyone can feel like an achiever with just the click of a button! Our cutting edge social media team works full time to ensure that we are spreading our mission and engaging people to help us “Change the Way the World Works”.


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