Satisfied employees meet the bar; Engaged employees set the bar


We’re working with our managers to get them to recognize their teams more, but management don’t seem to see the value.  They feel like everything is fine as is.  How can I explain to others exactly what the term “engagement” means?

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Miss Engagement

Miss Engagement,

Differentiating satisfaction from engagement is the most important part of understanding “employee engagement”.  Satisfied employees feel fulfilled individually; engaged employees contribute to a virtuous circle that meets individual and corporate needs.    Engagement increases productivity, helps with recruitment, and ultimately retains top talent.  Employee engagement is not only achieved by the things an employer offers the workforce, but also by the work environment that shapes the way employees are made to feel.  Engagement goes beyond meeting your employees’ needs and extends to creating a culture and community in the workplace.  Employees who are made to feel valued and who are engaged at work constantly exceed expectations, promote your company to friends and family, and embrace a work-life blend mentality.  Let your managers know how significant recognition is to engagement, productivity, and company success.

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