You say goodbye and I say hello: The secret to retaining your workforce

Fact: job dissatisfaction is directly related to life dissatisfaction.  “We”, by Rudy Karsan and Kevin Kruse, observes that employees who are stressed, micromanaged, and disengaged at work suffer negative repercussions in their external relationships, health, and general life happiness.  Not to mention, employees are increasingly being diagnosed with work-induced anxiety and stress disorders.  Employers need to abandon the work-life separation mentality and recognize that work is a part of life.  You can’t retain disengaged employees because people won’t settle for a disengaged life.   Stop saying, “Goodbye”.

Here are three secrets to engage your employees and retain your workforce:

Be Transparent
Many employees can’t be retained because they don’t trust executives and management.  What’s more – they don’t know how their job contributes to the company’s overall objectives.  Give your employees what they give you: transparency.  Show your employees how their work aligns with your company’s corporate values or mission statement.  An excellent way to facilitate transparency is by building a recognition rhythm.  Don’t just rely on annual performance reviews as a way to give feedback; recognize success in a timely manner.  Recognition is the best form of feedback, so be specific by telling your employees how this success helped achieve corporate goals.

Embrace Work-Life Harmony
In today’s age, work extends beyond the 40-hour week prescription, be it labor-intensive or mind-occupying.  Embrace a work-life harmony mentality and don’t just support your employees – support your people.   Here’s how:

  • Offer flex hours – technology makes it work!
  • Don’t micromanage – give your employees the autonomy to do their work.
  • Support personal development – when discussing career growth, ask how you can support their personal goals as well.

Conduct Stay Interviews
Want to reactively deal with problems?  Have an Exit Interview.  Want to proactively address issues before they surface?  Have a Stay Interview.  Exit Interviews were put into place to solicit feedback candidly in a risk-free environment – a great idea in theory.  But shouldn’t employers be providing this environment on an ongoing basis – not just when employees leave?  Stay Interviews are a proactive strategy to engage employees on a frequent basis in an intimate atmosphere where employees can discuss their personal and career development.  This honest meeting will help employers meet the needs of their workforce preemptively, making your employees feel valued and supported.

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