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Dear A,

The company I work for is all virtual with employees located across the country.  We’ve noticed a decline in motivation but we don’t know how to drive employees without face to face time?  How do we get them engaged when we can’t even see them?

Miss Placed

Miss Placed,

The millennial generation occupy the majority of the workforce.  This generation has been brought up with the technology of the internet, and therefore your company is already positioned at an advantage for Motivation 3.0 and Engagement 2.0.  Consider implementing an online solution where the platform serves as a means of motivation and as a tool to bring together a nationally – or evenin internationally – dispersed company.  Tools like a Newsfeed that displays peer-to-peer and top-down recognition openly celebrates employee accomplishments and makes your company more transparent.  This module reinforces desired behaviors and encourages focused conversations around recognized wins.  Leverage the fact that your company is already on online and implement an online recognition solution to engage employees across different locations by sharing wins organization-wide.

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The A Advisor

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