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Our workforce isn’t producing the results we need, and I think it’s because they don’t know what they are expected to accomplish.  What spark gets individual employees to go from vague, general goals to ones with targets?  Our team of managers has much difficulty getting to results /outcomes with their respective teams.


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Seymour Results,

Setting attainable goals is important to any workplace environment.  When managers are having difficulty getting results and outcomes from their employees, it’s likely because the workforce is misaligned and unsure of expectations.  This problem can be solved by incorporating everyday feedback.  Making recognition a rhythm, scheduling weekly 1-on-1 meetings, and having daily check-ins are a few examples of interaction that will improve alignment between managers and employees.  Furthermore, discussing the desired outcomes and goals and keeping these top of mind is important to meeting targets.  Managers should make it clear with their employees that every bit of work they do should be something that contributes to overall goals.

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