Employee engagement can be very Pinterest-ing

There’s a new kid in town, and what they have to offer is very Pinterest-ing.

With TechCrunch reporting that Pinterest now has 10.4M registered users, the reality is that businesses should WANT to get on (a pin) board and take advantage of the traffic that this new phenomenon of a social site attracts.

I could tell you why you should care about Pinterest.  I could tell you the top ways you can use Pinterest to market your business.  I could even tell you how to actually use Pinterest.  But, given the nature of our blog, I’m going to tell you what Pinterest means to employee engagement.

One of the (many) keys to employee engagement is communication & transparency.  Sadly, a mere 33% of the workforce believes senior management communicates openly and honestly with employees, resulting in a disengaged workforce.

So look at it this way: you need communication and transparency to maximize your employee engagement?  Pinterest can be one of your communication tools.  It’s easy.  Check out five ways you can use Pinterest as a business tool to help leverage your employee engagement and ultimately drive results.

5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Leverage Employee Engagement

Post Pictures of Company Events
Did your company volunteer in the community recently?  Did you have your annual Holiday Party?  Did you host an open house?  Make sure to snap photos and pin them to one of your Pinboards.  This gives your employees the opportunity to repin photos to their pinboards and engages the public about your company culture.

Post Videos of Exciting Meetings
Whether your workforce is dispersed across the globe or you have one office, videotaping exciting meetings is an excellent employee engagement strategy.  It gives employees the opportunity to see what they’ve missed or re-live great company moments.  Pin it to Pinterest and share (non-confidential) meetings with the world and your employees.

“Like” Relevant Posts
If you notice another company optimizing Pinterest, take the opportunity to “Like” their posts or Pinboards.  It gives you more credibility as Pinterest user and can help you refer your employees to engagement strategies you may want to implement in your own workplace.

Follow Your Employees Pinboards
Open communication with your employees is an integral part of engagement.  But that also extends beyond communicating with them on a professional level; technology has enabled personal communication and the ability to connect with your employees outside of work hours.  Follow their Pinboards to communicate with your employees on a different level.  Who knows?  You may see that they’ve repinned something your company posted!

Repin Other Companies’ Posts
Similar to “liking” what other companies are putting out there on Pinterest, feel free to repin other companies’ photos and videos.  It gives your company credibility as a thought leader who can identify the best practices and establishes your business as a resource for best practices.

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