Forget employee of the month; It’s all about employee of the moment

Hey A,

We’ve had an Employee of the Month program for years now – our executive team loves it.  The program is meant to be a motivator, but sometimes we’re recognizing people who did something great at the beginning of the month, so the impact of the reward isn’t as great at the end of the month.  How can we evolve our program?

May B. Better

May B. Better,

The more time that you spend waiting for the end of the month to reward great performance, the less effective your recognition method becomes.  So, why have an “Employee of the Month” when you can have an “Employee of the Moment”?

Instead of framing an employee’s photo and hanging it on the wall, now you can now take their picture and upload it, tweet it, blog it, post it, and like it.  HR professionals now have the opportunity to use social networking to learn, grow, and improve – and perhaps more importantly, recruit, communicate, and enhance employee engagement.

By adopting an “Employee of the Moment” strategy, your HR department can highlight your corporate culture by contributing positive and meaningful moments to the social space.  Your social media enabled recognitions will allow employees to share positive moments within your company to external networks – this will build your company profile and employer brand.   “Employee of the Moment” trends create a circle of positive feedback that celebrates accomplishments publicly and instantly, benefitting your employee and the company alike.

Get posting!
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