It’s Friday! Fun, fun, fun, fun.

Rebecca Black may have written the anthem, but Achievers sets the trend when it comes to Fridays!  What better way to unwind at the end of the week than with some fun, fun, fun, fun?  Our First Round Fridays often reign top of the list for reasons why employees love working at the company.

Check out some highlights!

Top 10 Reasons First Round Friday ROCKS at Achievers:

  1. The workday ends a half-hour earlier than usual.
  2. A great opportunity to get to know coworkers on a personal level.
  3. A great opportunity to meet coworkers in different departments!
  4. There’s a volunteer host for the evening.
  5. There’s a theme!
  6. There’s food that fits the theme.
  7. There’s a game that fits the theme.
  8. The games get competitive.  Team up for Pictionary, Dance Central, or Karaoke (yes, Karaoke can be competitive).
  9. You can win an award for hosting the best First Round Friday at the annual Holiday Party!
  10. It happens every week!
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