Not your average company, not your average meetings!

Meetings.  This business term evokes many mixed feelings.  But at Achievers, we believe that meetings are the best way to instil a culture of transparency and ensure that everyone is aligned to be successful.  We host unique and upbeat meetings on a frequent basis to bring the company together to share information, successes, and goals.

Here’s what it’s like to attend meetings at Achievers:

On an annual basis, the company meets offsite to get aligned for the year ahead, while of course having a little fun!  Most departments participate in a Department Development Day that consists of team building activities and recognizing learning outcomes from the previous year.  Also at the Annual Retreat, the CEO presents a MasterPitch.  Twenty of the most important ideas are presented to employees and everyone writes down the top idea they would like to contribute to.  Each MasterPitch objective will have a team of employees that will work to accomplish the goal within the year.

Each quarter, the entire company gathers for a Quarterly Kick-Off where we assess our achievements from the last quarter and what our new goals are for the upcoming quarter.  There may be points awarded to those who reached their objectives!

Departments meet on a monthly basis to assess execution and ensure the company is on track to hit goals.  Leadership Team Members host the monthly meetings in person and collect feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to be accomplished to achieve.

Every two weeks each department is responsible for providing the entire company with an update on the department’s activities during the daily nine minute company-wide meeting, To-The-Point. It’s important for us to know how close each individual and department is to achieving goals.

The Senior Leadership Team meets weekly to discuss the progress on our annual strategy as well as strategy planning for the future. Included in their agenda is an update on people and department progress.

MACH5, PITCH, DASH, SCRUM.  These words may have no meaning to you, but to different Achievers’ departments, these are the names of our daily meetings.  This five to seven minute meeting is to update teams on good news, success stories, and top priorities for the day.

So, Achievers – what’s your favorite type of meeting?

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