Tweet it, post it, blog it, and you better like it: The spark of social recognition

If you’re not tweeting, posting, blogging, and liking – you’re sinking.

In the past year, Twitter has had a 250% increase in tweets per day (95 million/day).  LinkedIn has had 100% growth in users to over 100 million.  Facebook has had a rise in user logins to 250 million each day.  Just like everyone else in the world, HR is being influenced by a social shift.  Now, HR professionals can use social media and social networking to learn, grow, and improve.  Why not enhance your social media presence with Social Recognition?  Social Recognition will positively affect your company’s ability to recruit, communicate, and enhance employee engagement.

Social Recognition empowers employees to share everyday recognition moments with their personal social networks.  Employees can post their company’s recognitions with their external networks, which elevates the company profile and takes the employer brand to the next level.  What does this mean for your company?  It means you have the opportunity to highlight your corporate culture, build the company brand, and attract passive candidates.

So, what’s your biggest obstacle?  Senior management’s privacy concerns.

Senior Management’s biggest apprehension with embracing a social media presence is the uncontrolled conversations that will take place online about the company.  While this transparency and lack of control can be threatening to management, more and more companies are moving away from command and control environments.  Although dissention may happen, this gives the company the opportunity to express their values in the response.

Executive and management buy-in is critical to your company’s ability to enable Social Recognition.  Make them understand the significance of a social media telling management what your competition is doing.  Get the studies, surveys, and facts and provide them with proof.  Social media is a mindset that enables real-time communication, immediate feedback, and speedy recognition.  Not being involved with social media could mean that your company is missing out hearing information first.  Any brand that has an internal culture and strong beliefs typically doesn’t have issues with social media.


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