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I work in a call center and we do not have any kind of reward or recognition program in place.  I think the team would be motivated to get more results if we were rewarded for hard work.  Unfortunately we have strict rules about offering travel as a reward for employees – it’s prohibited.  How can you recognize and motivate employees in call centers where opportunities like travel is not an option?

Anita Answer

Anita Answer,

There is not a single solution that can meet every workplace’s individual needs.  That’s why you need an engagement solution that can be adapted to fit your company best.  The key to creating successful recognition programs is to ensure peer-to-peer recognition is enabled and can be sent with a specific message, in a timely manner and complimented by a meaningful non-cash item.  It is the ability to choose the item that makes the reward more meaningful and consequently reinforces positive work performance.  If travel is not an option, you are driving motivation by providing your employees with the ability to choose any other type of reward they wish.  Today, intangible rewards are preferred among the new workforce, so try motivating employees with experiential rewards such as dinner, city tours, or excursions.  Ultimately, recognition drives motivation just as much as rewards; identify specific activities employees need to focus on in order to meet organizational objectives, and provide meaningful recognition each time that activity is performed.

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