Be Creative! Be, be Creative!

Like jam to peanut butter…
Like Sonny to Cher…
Is the Graphic Design team to Achievers!

When it comes to the beautification of, well, pretty much everything, we rely on the talent of Graphic Designers.  Just a few (but certainly not ALL) of the work they do includes:

  • Corporate branding
  • Designing client sites
  • Designing prospect sites
  • Product marketing design
  • Event marketing design

The Creative Team takes pride in their group dynamic and each other’s talent.  It’s not rare to walk around the office and notice “BCBBC” letters randomly – yet strategically – placed throughout the office.  It stands for the Creative Team’s motto or “cheer”.  “BE CREATIVE!  BE, BE CREATIVE!”

I sat down with the Creative Team to dig a little bit deeper as to what made their group so special.  “We all bring our own area of expertise and special skills to the table and rely on each other to bounce ideas and give honest feedback”, says Kiley. 

Katie told me it was their ability to rely on each other to problem-solve together and how they can share successes like when their client approves a design they have pitched.

"My favorite thing about design is contributing to the Business Development team”, says Harry.  “One of the first few projects that I worked on was Levi Strauss Co. demo.  It was so much fun to work not only with the Creative Team, but also with the Business Development team – Leona and Jen Franklin.  They're amazing. I also love working with my new extended family, the BDC Team.”

With Jen and Amy working hard on branding and messaging, they provide the company with the ability to take pride in our Achievers name and logos. Without them Achievers just wouldn't be as beautiful of a place !



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