Don’t just recognize results; Recognize the journey

Dear A,

We’re a results driven company, but a lot of our employees are beginning to feel like all of their effort is usually discredited.  We want to keep our environment focused on the end outcomes but don’t want the workforce to feel discouraged along the way.  How do we manage both parts of this equation without taking away from the importance of getting business results?

Shirley A. Journey

Shirley A. Journey,

When it comes to workplace trends, more and more businesses are moving away from the 9-5 prescription and, in an effort to boost business performance, are putting an emphasis on employees’ results.  Employers are beginning to find that the “work until you’re done” attitude produces better outcomes than those workplaces that still exercise a 9-5 mentality.

In the most effective workplaces, management has struck the fine balance of recognizing effort and rewarding results.  This isn’t easy to do: building a corporate culture, while identifying and focusing on results calls for expertise in both areas.  In light of this, many employers have adopted formal engagement solutions to heighten employee engagement in a results oriented culture.

Today’s employee needs their results to be managed, not their flexibility.  Here’s how:

  • Emphasize desired outcomes and the right activities.
  • Be prepared for underperformance and don’t encourage this behavior.
  • Conduct focused conversations around results.
  • Validate effort and results with recognition & rewards.
  • Don’t micromanage, use coaching techniques to motivate your workforce.

Here’s to the journey and the results!
The A Advisor


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