How not to recognize & reward your sales team

Hi, I’m Chris and I use our in house rewards and recognition program when I want to applaud my team.  Sometimes, it’s hard to get the process moving, so I started some things of my own.  Unfortunately … they didn’t’ turn out too great.  Through trial and error (and yes, ‘trial’ means I’ve actually done this), here is my top 5 list of ways to not recognize your sales team.

How NOT To Recognize and Reward Your Sales Team:

  1. Provide a reward that isn’t meaningful to them.
  2. Choosing a reward out of a paper catalog and it is taking too long to arrive ensuring that your employee won’t remember why they received it .
  3. Give a group recognition for everyone’s individual accomplishments.
  4. Type a generic congratulatory sentence, print it, and leave it on everyone’s desk when they hit goals.
  5. Not providing recognition, when they do the activities most important to your company’s success.

What are some ways you’ve tried to recognize your employees that has NOT worked?



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