It’s a two-way street: Impressed employees drive impressive results

Would you order the most expensive meal on the menu and expect your date to pay?

Would you tell your date to arrive at 7PM sharp and then show up an hour later?

You probably wouldn’t, because great relationships are a two-way street of giving and taking.  And like romantic relationships, your relationships with your employees need to be equally co-invested.  Employers must provide an engaging environment for their workforce so that the employees are inclined to thrive.

Ask not what your employees can do for you, but what you can do for your employees.  Keeping your employees satisfied breeds a culture where the workforce meets the bar.  Employees meet expectations because they are formally contracted to do so. But taking the extra steps to impress your employees and engage them breeds a culture where the workforce sets the bar even higher.  Employees consistently go above and beyond to excel and boost your business results because they feel valued.  The reality is, it’s a two way street: impressed employees drive impressive results.  Here are five ways you can make your employees swoon while boosting business results.

  1. Don’t be afraid of commitment.
    There’s no question: great relationships are based on trust.  That’s why providing your workforce with a sense of security is an integral component of meeting their base needs at work.  If your employees consistently feel that their job in jeopardy or that their income is not a sustainable way to live life, they likely won’t last very long.  How can you show your employees that you’re committed?  Pay them a marketable salary and set long-term goals with them to show them their contributions are valued and their future is bright.
  2. Take next steps in your relationship.
    Abandon tradition and don’t base employees’ promotions on their length of tenure.  Reward employees who excel and exceed expectations with career advancement opportunities.  Accelerated career paths are the most important factor to today’s employee when they consider where they want to work and if they want to work somewhere else.
  3. Celebrate accomplishments along the way.
    Take time to celebrate wins on your employees’ journey at the company – be it their anniversary at the company, their birthday, or a perfectly worded proposal.  Celebrating the big and small accomplishments along the way shows your investment in their success.
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