Recognition 3.0: Evolve Your Workforce

Dear A,

My company’s recognition practices are completely outdated – although still used by everyone at the company on a regular basis.  I want to adopt more of the new trends and make a step forward with our recognition program but we don’t have time to educate everyone before we implement a new program.  Is it important to have a transition?  Or can we just say out with the old, in with the new when it comes to new engagement and recognition best practices?

Harry Situation


Mr. Situation,

If you can’t provide training or education around your new implementation, then my advice is to start small, and then add elements of the more advanced recognition theories.  Start planting the seed early and introduce the concept to forward thinkers in the organization.  Find opportunities to use public recognition outside a formal system to show folks how it impacts employee morale and engagement.

The truth is, without a completely new management team that understands the true benefit of recognition you will have to follow a slower, evolutionary path to new and innovative methods of recognizing your workforce.  Keep in mind that too much can be as bad as too little and the management AND employees may not be ready for a full movement right away.

All the best,

The A Advisor


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