Recruiting secret revealed: The “it” factor is an “A” factor

A Player [Ey-pley-er] noun: An A Player is a candidate or employee who has at least a 90 percent chance of achieving a set of outcomes that only 10 percent of other possible candidates or employees in this field could achieve.  A Players aren’t good – they’re great.  They’re top performers, role models, trailblazers, and Achievers.

In order for companies to excel, employers must have the right people in place to execute the vision.  Sounds simple in theory, but recruiting A Players is a challenge for every recruiter.  Mis-hires happen to even the best recruiters, but the average hiring mistakes costs a company 15 times that person’s base salary when you factor in the cost of recruitment, compensation, severance, missed opportunities and management time.

So companies need to hire A Players to excel.  But how?

There’s no question: A Players know other A Players.  That means that the number one, most effective method to finding quality candidates is through employees’ existing networks.  By committing to only hiring A Players, you can be confident that the talent you attract through referrals are the strongest possible candidates for the position.

In interviews, aside from the required skill set that candidates will require to align with the expectations of their position, interviews should also look for specific A Player qualities:

  • Quality – someone who qualifies among the top 10% of candidates
  • Proven Success – has a history of achievement and learns from experiences
  • “Can-Do” Attitude – approaches situations with a positive attitude
  • Adaptable – willing to take on responsibility that extends outside their job description
  • Reliable – can be trusted to complete requirements and go above and beyond

Use recruiters to scout and screen candidates, but hiring managers should be involved in the process from the beginning to set expectations and determine if the candidate is the right A Player for the role.

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