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We have had so much trouble attracting great talent.  While we’ve had a number of applications, the qualifications we’re coming across don’t match with the jobs.  This makes a lot of work for our recruiting team, with not enough results.  How can we attract better talent without exhausting our teams?

Phillip Jobs

Phillip Jobs,

Have you considered holding an open house or lunch and learn?  Open houses are a fantastic way to bring together candidates together in a relaxed atmosphere to learn more about your company, see if the fit is right for them, as well as meet other candidates.   Interviews can be very nerve-racking for most candidates.  In a relaxed atmosphere, like an open house, you can alleviate the pressure for your talent and provide them with a fun and positive experience.  The pro for the candidate is they get a chance to evaluate if your company is the right fit for the them; the pro for you as an employer is you can see many candidates at one time and quickly screen talent on your search for the right person to fill the role.

Also, with recruiting events, candidates can network and mingle in a great atmosphere and that way, if their takeaway isn’t a career opportunity with your company, they are still made to feel special at the event – leaving them with a positive feeling about your company (that they may mention to future candidates) as well as keep you in mind in the future should they work somewhere else where you do business together.

Finally, consider implementing a referral program.  Using your own employees is a great way scout out talent, because your A Players know other A Players, and they know firsthand what your company expects and if that matches the candidate’s qualifications and work ethic.

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