Thanking your team: what’s in it for you?

Hey A,

We just polled our company and our engagement scores were down low.  We’ve noticed a shift in morale and lack of recognition in general.  We want to start with our managers to begin making a change.  What do managers need to do to increase employee engagement on a daily basis?


Pat MaBack

Pat MaBack,

It is common for managers in today’s workforce to not say thank you enough. Employees come to work wanting to contribute as much value as they can to their organization. They want to leave work knowing that someone appreciated their contributions. The unfortunate truth is that their work is often not validated. It’s a simple thank you that makes a difference in the employee’s life. We massively underestimate the impact of the praise we give.  Recognition is simple, and comes naturally outside of the workplace.  When people say “thank you” or “great work” there are many reasons why:

  • Feel good, validate hard work.  Recognition will make the person recognized feel accomplished, but it also makes the recognizer feel great to share their approval or admiration.
  • Drive positive behaviors.  What gets recognized gets repeated, so telling someone you are proud encourages them to achieve again.
  • Increase your reputability.  If people know that you recognize other’s accomplishments, you maximize your team player profile, attracting great talent to your teams due to reputation.
  • Secure future results.  People will be more willing to help, or drive results, later when they remember how they were recognized and encouraged before.

Make an effort to recognize excellent performance. Don’t assume you are doing it enough. Too often, managers get caught up in their own workload and forget what truly drives performance, validation and recognition. Conduct lunch and learns to teach managers the impact of recognition, how it affects employee engagement and how to provide specific, timely and meaningful recognition.

Happy thanking!

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