Why Achievers are rock stars

Why Achievers are Rockstars

For most people, the word “Rockstar” brings to mind electric guitars, head banging, and probably the lyrics “Oh, oh, oh, oh, sweet child of mmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneeeee”.  But at Achievers, the word “Rockstar” brings to mind points, trips, and visa cards.

Wait.  What?!

That’s right: out with the Rockstar Renegades and in with the Rockstar Referrals!  Achievers is hiring and they mean business.  “We know that A-Players know other A-Players,” said Kate Pope, Employee Experience Recruiter and Rockstar Referral Spearhead.  “When a company like ours is growing and looking for top talent who are also a fit within our dynamic culture it’s important to use our most valued asset to help recruit: our employees.  Using job boards, sourcing tools and attending job fairs can be a huge expense.  We would much rather invest our dollars back into our employees by rewarding them for helping us find A-Players.”

Fact is, the Rockstar program had all of the Achievers at “rewards”.  So what’s in it for employees?

  • $25 in points for every referral
  • $100 pre-paid visa card for every referral that makes it to the Top Grade Interview
  • $1000 in points for every hire + an exclusive lunch party for Rockstar Referrers

Sound too good to be true?  It is!  “Not only have we received an increase volume of applicants for open positions but we have seen an increase in quality of applicants,” said Kate.  “We are getting referrals who are pre-screened for our culture and in turn have a foundational understanding of what our business is about.  We were able to hire 42% of our current employee base through our Rockstar program.  Most companies are lucky to have a 17-20% successful employee referral hire rate.”

It’s win-win-win for everyone!  Employee Experience has quality talent, employees get rewarded for referrals, and candidates get the opportunity to interview and potentially have a new job.  Now that’s what I call partying like a Rockstar!


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