Why work at Achievers? Reason number #47: Social responsibility

Why Work at Achievers?  Reason Number #47: Social Responsibility

As the saying goes, “If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path”.  In today’s world, social awareness and balance has become crucial not only to individual fulfillment but also to respectable business.  There’s no question that at Achievers, employees are committed to Social Responsibility to better the local and global communities.  Nearly every corporate event, get-together, or holiday is affiliated with a charitable initiative headed by the Achievers’ Social Responsibility Team.  I sat down with Kristina Kozlowski, who leads the SR charge at the company, to find out just how much Social Responsibility means to Achievers.

Corporate Responsibility is significant to a lot of organizations, but when Kristina spoke about SR, passion radiated.  “Social Responsibility is important to Achievers because we are a part of a fast-pace, corporate, sales environment – and it is easy to think only of our personal advancement”,  Kristina said.  “To have a fully quality of life with a work-life blend, we must involve ourselves in altruistic acts that advance the lives of others. It’s a responsibility of ours, in my opinion.”

Kristina explained that a number of employees at Achievers have spoken to the SR Team about their strong connections with multiple charities.  From there, the team branches out to the recommended charities to establish a partnership and make an action plan of how the company can give back.

“We try and get the company involved by taking advantage of our daily company meetings”, Kristina mentioned.  “By educating and reminding employees about how easy it is to make a difference, and equipping them with the information they need to know about their volunteer event, it’s easy to recruit!”  Kristina shared that SR days not only better the community, but also serve as great team building initiatives too.  Achievers and the SR Team are most proud of their work for the Princess Margaret Hospital Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.  With 13 walkers, the team raised over $50,000.00 and walked 34KMs!

So what’s next for Social Responsibility at Achievers?  Kristina says, “Stay tuned!  We finished our Holiday initiatives for the Alzheimer’s’ Society and the CHUM Christmas Wish and are getting ready for a new year of SR!”  Look for Achievers brightening paths over the next few months.


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