5 foolproof tips to HR onboarding with ease

Good news – your top tier candidate signed an offer to work at your company! You have recruited a strong new hire and deserve a pat on the back – however, efforts to impress should continue long after the offer is accepted.

If you’re looking to onboard new hires with ease, then one thing to perfect is your company’s first impression. For your new hires, arriving on their first day is like a food critic evaluating the hottest new restaurant in town. You’ve earned the coveted spot, but now you’ve got to show this person why. From the minute they sit at their table the first impression clock starts ticking, and determines the success of the meal. Even if the person leaves the restaurant with happy taste buds, they will never forget a poor first impression.

Similar to a highly-anticipated restaurant experience, first impressions set the tone for a relationship with a new hire and are nearly impossible to undo. This is why companies should roll out the red carpet for new hires and organize efficient onboarding practices, so that first impressions are consistent and positively unforgettable.

At Achievers, we believe that efficient onboarding is the first step towards building an engaged and results-driven workforce. Most importantly, taking the time to welcome our new hire ensures that their first impression is memorable, and they are reminded why Achievers is a great company to work for.

Here are 5 foolproof tips to onboard with ease and “wow” new hires with a great first impression:

  1. Send a welcome gift such as an edible arrangement with fresh fruit, or even a card with a welcome message from the team. It is sure to impress the employee before they even walk through the door.
  2. Communicate! Your new hire should not have any burning questions before day one due to your stellar organization skills. Provide a detailed schedule for the first day and set expectations for the week.
  3. First impressions begin at the desk. It’s all in the details: name plate, schedule print out and the employee hand book. Your new hire is equipped with all of the tools they need to be successful, and they are immediately ready to go!
  4. Assign a lunch buddy. Nobody likes to eat alone on their first day, and the new employee will appreciate not having to think about it! Plus, your new hire will get to know a coworker right away, which aids the transition and helps build bridges to the rest of the team.
  5. Create an onboarding curriculum to communicate your business model and internal practices. You’ll be so glad you did! New hires are set up for success from the start because  the education and materials are readily available

What’s the best first impression you’ve had when starting a new job? What kind of things did they do to welcome and onboard you to the team?


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