5 tips to improve productivity, morale, and happiness

Do your employees enjoy coming to the office? Are you looking for tips on how to improve productivity, morale, and happiness? At Achievers, we believe that a working environment should reflect a company’s culture and values, influence productivity, and evoke success. Organizations are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep their employees engaged; however, the answer is right in front of you.

Consider your company culture as a driving force to influence employee morale. Abolish executive hierarchy with an open seating plan. Break down the barriers of a “heads down” environment. Have fun while you work. And, the term “fun” is not mutually exclusive to “expensive.” You hired an open-minded, creative work force, right? Then create a culture that embodies these ideals and empowers them to be engaged and productive.

The following 5 tips offer cheap and cheerful ways to improve culture, productivity and morale without burning a hole in your pocket:

1. Ask Questions:
Call an all-hands meeting, and ask your employees what they value in an office environment. Your employees will appreciate being included in the brainstorming session, and you will secure employee buy-in because of it.

2. Foster an Environment for Creativity:
Noticing that the walls are a little bare? Instead of buying generic art, give employees the opportunity to contribute. Ask your creative employees to submit original pieces. You will be pleasantly surprised with your return on investment: improved morale, company bonding, and an original art gallery to reflect your corporate culture.

3. Celebrate Victories in Style:
How do you celebrate a closed sale? What rituals are in place, besides the calculated commission for the Account Executive? Whether it’s ringing a cow bell, banging a gong, arranging a “parade,” or gathering the office for a champagne toast at happy hour, you should instigate positive reinforcement that glorifies a big win. If you create an environment fit for winning, then your employees will be more likely to repeat that behavior necessary for success.

4. Carry out your Brand Identity within the office:
If a client walks into your office, and immediately does not understand or capture your brand identity, then you have done a disservice to your brand. Take simple measures within the office such as publishing company values on the walls, display awards, media coverage, and acknowledgements, and brag about your clients by creating a logo wall. Your brand’s voice is like the chorus to a song: play it loud and use repetition to make the message loud and clear.

5. A Silent Office is not a Selling Office:
If you are concerned about a “heads down” environment where you can hear a pin drop, consider playing some background music. Music is an instant mood lifter, and will influence your employees to relax and de-stress while staying productive and focused on strategic objectives. Encourage a new “music ambassador” each day by asking different employees to volunteer and share their favorite radio stations.

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to create a fun office environment and boost company culture?



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