5 tips to plan the ultimate company retreat

It’s easy for employees to get lost in their daily routines and lose sight of what their contributions are attributed to on a larger scale. Take a proactive approach to reinforce your organization’s alignment by planning a retreat geared toward employee engagement.

A retreat goes beyond the traditional meeting, as it offers a fresh space to debrief and realign your employees with the organization’s core values. While informative, a retreat should be interactive, instead of a one-sided bank of information.

Here are five tips to reinforce alignment and core values and plan the ultimate company retreat:

  1. Plan Your Retreats On a Semi-annual Basis (at least):

A lot can happen within 6 months at a fast-paced organization, so it’s important to plan your retreats on a semi-annual basis to keep everyone aligned and focused. If you only meet with your organization once per year, then the time lapse can cause disengagement. Make sure to plan timely retreats that are specific to core values and initiatives, and give employees plenty of advance notice.

  1. Build a Unique Message to Connect Employees to the Event:

Similar to an organization’s mission statement, your employees need a consistent message centered around the event in order to be engaged long after the event is over.  For example, create a unique tag-line that encompasses past successes, current accomplishments, and future goals. At Achievers, we’ve built a Culture of Success, which includes the “mountains we’ve climbed, the mountains we’ve braved, the mountains face and the successes we share”

  1. Create Information Sessions that Align Core Values:

The main goal of a retreat is to realign employees with the organization’s core values, so plan each information session to reflect what each employee can contribute to the organization’s goals. Alignment to core values infuses your employees with autonomy so they work towards something greater than themselves.

  1. Recognize Your Top Performers so that Good Behaviors are Repeated:

Make sure that you recognize your top performers at your next retreat, so that the rest of the organization feels inspired to repeat those behaviors, which will drive performance and business success.

  1. Take Breaks, Socialize, and Never Go Hungry:

A message is not effective if it falls on deaf ears. If you offer ample breaks in between information sessions, then employees are less likely to feel overwhelmed, or worse – fall asleep. Make sure that you create opportunities for socialization, because your retreat should be fun. And most importantly, provide lots of snacks and meals to keep the energy buzzing!

What does your company do to plan the ultimate retreat? What are your favorite aspects??

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