Corporate culture 101: saying goodbye to the I don’t care mentality

It takes a lot of dedication to build a great corporate culture, but it is essential to promote employee engagement and build a great company. In “How To Improve Your Corporate Culture,” Bruce Campbell writes that “companies that make no effort to build a corporate culture risk developing an ‘I don’t care’ culture. Their employees have no way of connecting to the larger purpose of the organization, nothing to identify with, nothing that gives work greater meaning.”

Campbell warns that not having a good corporate culture doesn’t indicate a lack of corporate culture. Just the opposite—non-engaging, toxic, or negative corporate cultures are widespread and are detrimental to employee performance. By contrast, “healthy cultures mean better morale, less turnover and absenteeism, greater efficiency, more innovation and larger bottom lines.” A positive, unique, and ingrained corporate culture makes all the difference to engage employees who will drive results targeted to the organization’s goals.

So what can you do to create a strong corporate culture? Clearly defined and upheld company values are central to building a strong culture. In some of the most successful companies, employees identify closely with corporate values and work to promote them in their everyday professional lives. Clearly defined corporate values make it easier to nurture employee engagement. Companies should also take opportunities to promote and reinforce corporate values; recognize and celebrate employees who live and work in accord with corporate values, whether at company events or on a day-to-day basis, and hold leaders and managers accountable to set an example and do the same.

I think that encouraging employees to play hard and work hard is a powerful aspect of a strong corporate culture. Make celebration of corporate values a vital part of your employees’ experience. Host events to recognize meeting goals, or to celebrate employees who exemplify corporate values—and make them fun! The connections that your employees make to one another will also help strengthen their engagement to the company as a whole.

What are some ways that you build a great corporate culture at your workplace? Do you agree with this approach to corporate culture?

Links: “How To Improve Your Corporate Culture” By Bruce Campbell


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