Harness the power of social media: Empower employees to share

Dear A Advisor,

I keep hearing that companies are using social media sites like Facebook to help motivate and engage their employees. I don’t get it—aren’t they just time wasters? I want to help my employees reach a good work-life balance, but I’m afraid that social media will just be a distraction.

To Friend, or not to Friend

Hi there, TFONTF,

Social media is a very powerful tool, and can be one of the keys to help employee engagement. When your employees are able to share their success at work with their wider social network, they’re more connected to their workplace and able to show how proud they are of their professional accomplishments.

There are many ways that a recognition program can support employee engagement through social media. What’s in it for you? Not only an engaged workforce, but a larger workforce from employee referrals can result from social media. Your own employees represent your recruiting team without lifting a finger, well maybe one: when they post their recognitions to their social networks (such as Facebook) providing your company with wonderful brand exposure.

Remember, employees feel engaged when their work is meaningful and recognized, social media is a great way to connect them to their workplace and social network!

Have a great day achieving!





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