How to enhance employee engagement with team bonding

The key to business success is employee engagement: engaged employees produce results because when they are in a thriving environment, they are motivated to achieve. Employee engagement is a strategic and collaborative initiative, but will be less effective without a cohesive bond between team members.

Team bonding is essential to cultivate culture throughout a workforce. Nurturing a positive culture is a critical aspect of employee engagement because it directly affects team morale and retention. Since employees are the ones responsible for growth and revenue, connecting with them on a deeper level is necessary to achieving results and fostering engagement.  Your employees are your biggest competitive advantage, so it’s important to encourage team bonding in and out of the office.

So what’s the best way to enhance employee engagement with team bonding? The answer lies within individual employees’ needs and wants. Every organization has a unique culture, so start with the basics. If an organization takes the time to tailor team bonding to personal interests, then there is a greater chance of success and enhanced employee engagement.

There are several ways to enhance employee engagement with team bonding:

– Give employees the opportunity to volunteer to organize out of office events. Employees truly have the best understanding of what types of events are meaningful to their colleagues, so this is a great method to solicit input. Plus, they are more likely to participate if events are organized by colleagues instead of managers (otherwise they may feel pressure to attend, which does not strengthen relationships)

– Create an employee event calendar. A visual representation of events occurring by month will allow employees to plan in advance and shows that their time is respected. Employees are much more likely to participate in a team bonding opportunity if they are aware ahead of time.

– Plan a celebration to reward the team for a successful quarter. Interactive events, such as team bowling or cooking classes, are a great way to encourage team bonding and boost morale. These types of events solicit team work, which in turn improves collaboration in the office and enhances employee engagement.

– Encourage employees to give back to the community by offering at least one “social responsibility” day per quarter, which allows employees to spend time with their favorite charity. Employees will be more likely to participate if they are not alone, and team bonding will result because of collaboration efforts to give back.

– Arrange trivia events during the end of team meetings, and offer meaningful rewards to encourage participation (such as lunch at a local restaurant). Tailor the trivia around the meeting content, so that the information is reinforced in a positive way. Arrange teams, so that employees must work together to come up with the best answer. Employees will remain engaged after the meeting and will have a greater sense of belonging due to team collaboration.

There are endless amounts of ways to bring a team together, but the efforts should specifically focus on team collaboration and employee engagement. If you’re employees work well together, as a result of team bonding, they are more likely to remain engaged and drive results necessary for the business to succeed.

What was the best team bonding experience you’ve ever had? Why do you think team bonding is important to employee engagement?

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