Out with the old performance review, in with recognition

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a new manager and I’m expected to do performance reviews with my team. Performance reviews seem so outdated — I don’t think something that resembles a report card helps with employee engagement. I would love to give my team feedback on their accomplishments and all the ways that we can improve our team. Is there a way that I can do this that’s more meaningful and engaging for my team? 

Thanks for your help!

Still New At This

Dear SNAT,

Giving meaningful and specific feedback to help bolster employee engagement can be difficult, but I have a solution for you: make it timely! Instead of giving performance reviews months after your team has stopped thinking about the issues at hand, try having periodic one-on-one conversations with your individual teammates to go over their accomplishments and areas for improvement from the week, month, or quarter. You’ll find that the more timely feedback will give you better insight to your employees’ progress, which in turn sets them up for success.

Another problem with performance reviews is that they stifle open communication between supervisors and team members. Giving employees the opportunity to regularly discuss progress, however, creates an atmosphere of transparency and openness. Open communication is key to employee engagement.

And finally, don’t hesitate to recognize your employee’s successes on the spot as well. Nothing is better for employee engagement or for facilitating open communication than recognizing great work when it happens.

Great work!

The A Advisor

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