Reaping the benefits of rewards and recognition

Try and recall the first time you were rewarded for outstanding behavior or achieving a goal. Whether it was taking first place at a soccer tournament or earning good grades, this satisfied feeling caused a proud beaming sensation and you couldn’t help but smile. From that moment, you were addicted to reaping the benefits of rewards and recognition.

Rewards and recognition, an element of Achievers’ employee engagement, allows employers to tie recognition and rewards directly to the behaviors that are aligned to the success of the organization. Employees want to be noticed for their achievements, and they are motivated to repeat good behaviors because of the positive feedback and self-chosen rewards that are granted when they accomplish their goals.

Imagine your level of satisfaction when rewarded with a choice compared to a traditional award that was chosen for you.

Are you likely to repeat good behaviors when your reward is pre-determined such as a traditional grandfather clock or plaque? When you realize you will never earn more than these items for your accomplishments, you will notice your motivation comes to a screeching halt.

Alternatively, would you rather choose a vacation to Europe, a new iPad, digital camera, snow tires, or anything else that is meaningful to you? Consider the possibility of choosing your own rewards whenever you want.

Unlike traditional recognition programs, such as years of service awards or employee of the month, the most effective recognition programs provide employees the power of choice to pick rewards that are meaningful to them when they reach their goals. Employees are motivated to repeat the behaviors (which also drive the organizations’ success) and are completely satisfied with a choice of rewards. A great Rewards and Recognition program creates a culture of recognition where employees feel valued and are motivated to drive results for rewards that have personal meaning to them. Trust us – once you choose your own rewards, you will want to do it again, and again, and again. Sounds like sweet success!

If you could choose any reward for good performance, what would you choose?



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