The recognition recipe for success

Hi, I’m Monica and I use Achievers to provide our teams with a rewards and recognition solution that works.  Our employee engagement scores have gone through the roof. How do I know that? Achievers has the most advanced reports on the market. I always have up-to-date information on the success of the program providing me with  the perfect recognition recipe for success!

1 cup of engagement
½ cup of recognition
¾ cup of rewards
1 cup of points
½ cup of autonomy 

Adopt a formal, online employee engagement solution to help automate the process and eliminate the administration burdens of a DYI program.  Roll out by training managers about the significance of recognition and the impact that it has on performance and ultimately, results.  Replace micromanagement with autonomy and dash of public praise.  Take 2 minutes out of the day each for a recognition moment.  Serve the C-Suite infinite ROI by pulling easy and advanced reports.

Fill out our RECOGNITION SURVEY and be entered to win $100.00 worth of points that you can redeem for electronics, gift cards and MORE !!!!




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