SAY WHAT?! Why communication is key to employee engagement

Communication is vital to employee engagement. All high-performing organizations have great communication and, unsurprisingly, it is a top motivator for employees. Great communication within an organization can be defined as open, consistent, transparent and multi-directional.

This means that ideas and direction not only come from the top, but employees also contribute to the conversation. Dialogue is free-flowing and comes from both directions, as simple and basic as a homemade telephone with two soup cans and a string.  Managers who are great communicators are also available to their employees for support, encouragement and questions.  Finally, good leaders share the organization’s successes as well as its failures with employees because everyone has the right to know about it and transparency builds trust.

While good communication in the workplace seems “common sense” to us, we are still baffled by the amount of employees that believe they do not receive adequate communication from their managers. In fact, only 46% of employees believe managers communicate openly and clearly and only 58% believe they have adequate resources they need to perform their jobs effectively (check out our great infographic on how great managers are great coaches HERE).

Think about those statistics for a second. It means that only about half of employees are working at their full potential. How do managers expect employees to grow or contribute if they don’t have a clear idea of what is expected from them? Not only can this be extremely frustrating for the employee, but it will also affect the employee’s results for the organization. Managers need to implement great communication strategies in the workplace to ensure everyone is aligned and engaged with the company, which drives positive business results.

Now it’s time for you to speak up! Are managers at your company good communicators? How does great communication help boost employee engagement at your company?


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