The top 3 improvements managers need to perfect the employee manager relationship

Picture this: you drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn for exercise boot camp. You’re barely awake but have already committed to the challenge; you just need a little guidance. The boot camp leader blows his whistle for warm up, yet remains seated and offers zero feedback during the session. Your workout falls flat and demotivation ensues.

There is nothing more demotivating than a poor leader. We’ve all experienced this trend and have suffered from the results. But it’s time to Change the Way the World Works, and send the poor managers of the world to leadership boot camp.

Leadership, an element of employee engagement, is the engine that drives everyone in the organization to succeed. Leaders inspire desired performance and should model that behavior on a consistent basis. A poor leader can be the catalyst to a failed organization, so it’s crucial to build a strong leadership team to foster employee engagement.

Listen up, Managers! Leadership boot camp is about the employee – manager relationship, and it all starts with switching up your routine. We suggest the following Top 3 Improvements to revamp your management style:

  1. Say Goodbye to Micromanaging.

Micromanagement revokes any sense of ownership from your employees. Understandably, having control over direct reports gives managers confidence in results. However, managers that empower employees to make the best decisions possible by setting goals in advance and coaching them along the road to success are more likely to perfect employee manager relationship.

  1. Speak up! Practice what you preach, and follow through.

There’s no way around it: follow-up is critical to management success. Follow-ups should be habitual, so that good behaviors are repeated and drive the organization’s success. Schedule weekly 1 on 1s, recognize employees for good performance, and create open forums for employees to share their thoughts and be heard.

  1. Communicate, offer feedback, and create a bond with trust.

Great managers are open to two-way feedback conversations where the employee is honest about processes, goals, and the employee-manager relationship. Managers who fail to offer feedback will actively disengage their teams, which is a catalyst to poor results for the organization. If an employee can share their opinion and receive regular feedback, they will establish a bond with trust and feel successful.

As an employee, what do you like best about your manager? As a manager, what do you feel is crucial for the manager-employee relationship to be successful?



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