3 ways to build a great company reputation

Reputation is EVERYTHING. Society beats this message into our heads every day. For instance, we’re told to protect our reputations on Facebook and not post inappropriate photos, or we’re told to build our reputations on LinkedIn as accomplished professionals. Your reputation speaks volumes about who you are as an employee, family member, partner or friend; therefore, your reputation should be protected and treated as a top priority.

People generally avoid others who have bad reputations, and the same goes for companies.  Companies need to ensure they have good reputations in order to attract the top talent. Fast Company recently published an article “Lousy Employers Attract Lousy Employees – Here’s your Turnaround Plan,” and offers tips for companies to become a desired employer that will attract the best employees.

The reality is that everyone wants to be a part of a winning team, but companies need to put in the effort to build that winning reputation. All companies want top talent, but they need to do the work that is required to obtain the top talent.

Here are a few ways companies can build a great reputation:

1) Hire Great Managers. People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Hire great managers that will recruit, retain and inspire employees to go above and beyond in their jobs and wholeheartedly commit to the organization. Good managers will attract and retain the top talent in your company.

2) Build an enviable company culture and energy. Make sure that candidates feel the company’s positive energy the second they walk through your front door. Whether it is your inspirational art work, music, award case or happy employees, make sure candidates get a clear sense of the positive culture that proves why your organization is a great place to work.

3) Promote Third-Party Credibility. Shamelessly promote industry awards, community involvement projects or great media coverage. Make sure all of these accomplishments are on the company website and clearly communicated to potential employees so they can get a sense of the company’s reputation out in the community.

What does your company do to ensure it has a good reputation?

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