4 ways to use your corporate social responsibility days

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you donate to charity? Or the pride you feel after donating your time volunteering for a non-profit? We all feel great when we give back to the community, and just as we commit to being socially responsible individuals, we also expect our employers to be social responsible companies. Employees want to work for organizations that are making socially responsible choices regarding their products and services, business practices, and as members of the communities in which they operate.

Successful companies tend to be deeply engaged with their community and committed to social efforts such as charities, social causes and the environment. There is a direct correlation between corporate social responsibility and employee engagement. At Achievers, each employee is granted four “social responsibility” days to give back to the community.

In honor of corporate social responsibility days, here are four fun ideas of how you can give back and feel great:

  1. Organize a team for a charity race – Every year, Achievers participates in local charity runs/walks and fundraises as part of a team to participate. Not only does this support the charity, but it also provides opportunities for team bonding. We suggest you check out organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, American Heart Association or Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation for runs or walks in your area.
  2. Volunteer at a food bank – help serve or prepare meals for those in need. You can find local food banks in any community and they always have volunteer opportunities available.
  3. Participate in an environment clean-up day – volunteer for a local park clean-up. You can help clean up trash, plant trees or flowers, paint, or clear out overgrown plants or weeds. You will feel an enormous sense of pride once you see the final result and the beautiful space you helped create.
  4. Volunteer at your local animal shelter – contact your local animal shelter and see if they accept volunteers. Many shelters need help staffing adoption events, transporting and fostering animals. If you are an animal lover, this is a perfect opportunity to be with animals, give back to the community and help save lives! What sounds better than that?!

What does your company do to help out in your community and support your volunteering activities

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